Fave 5 - Songs to dance to at my wedding

No, I’m not getting married anytime soon. Hell, I’m not even doing anything resembling dating right now. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about my future. I think about names for my future kids, where I’d like to live, etc. And thanks to the PooZ/Mrs. PooZ wedding, I’ve been thinking about songs I’d like to dance to at my wedding. I can’t even remember what song they danced to, but it was sweet. So what do I want to dance to? Here’s the top 5:

5. Bette Midler - “The Rose”
This is a trip in the way-back machine for me, but Midler was one of the first artists my mom introduced me to, and I liked her right away. Hell, I liked her more when I was 10 than I do know, but this song is still fantastic.

4. Dido - “Thank You”
Yes, this does have the stigma of being the song sampled in the violent Eminem song “Stan”, but it’s also a beautiful song. The lyrics are particularly poignant for two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together, especially on what would be “the best day of my life” (to quote the song).

3. Amber Benson - “Under Your Spell”
This would only be allowed if I was marrying another “Buffy” fan -- or at least a woman who was VERY forgiving about my “Buffy” obsession, but seriously, there’s probably no song that’s better for describing my future relationship than this one. Just check the lyrics.

2. Ludacris - “Area Codes”
No, just kidding. Just wanted to make sure you were still paying attention.

2. Righteous Brothers - “Unchained Melody”
Putting aside the scene from “Ghost”, this song is just an amazing song. I like to think of myself as a writer, but I’m not sure I could write anything as sweet about my lover as this song. Making it my first dance in wedded bliss would be nearly perfect.

1. Kelly Clarkson - “Before Your Love”
Yes, I’m a huge dork. Yes, most of the people who I know don’t agree with me on the awesomeness of Kelly Clarkson. But seriously, listen to this song and tell me it wasn’t written specifically for this exact scenario. The only problem I’d have dancing to this song would be that I’m not sure I could get through it without tearing up. Then again, if PooZ, a certified deathfighter, can get choked up at his wedding, then you’ll forgive me if I eventually get choked up at mine (that is, if PooZ doesn’t actually choke me first for implying that he cried).