Fave 5 - Kelly Clarkson Ballads

My original plan for the Kelly Clarkson Week Fave 5 was to do my Fave 5 Kelly Clarkson songs. Only, I was being so indecisive on which 5 songs I liked the best that I decided to split it up into two editions. That’s right, you’ll get 2 Fave 5s this week for the price of one! (Then again, the price of all of them all-time has been exactly $0.00, so stop your complaining about all those weeks I didn’t do one.) This entry covers my Fave 5 ballads, then later I’ll do my Fave 5 non-ballads. And yes, this list actually does NOT include “A Moment Like This”, which I do like, just not enough to include here.

5.“Sober” (from My December)
At first, I wasn’t a huge fan of this song, but it definitely grew on me. I was very impressed with the visual montage that it accompanied at the end of the season premiere of “Smallville” (about the only good thing about that episode). It’s a very slow but very solid song.

4.“Addicted” (from Breakaway)
I wasn’t actually sure how to classify this song, but it seems more ballad-y to me than not. It’s a song I loved when I first heard it, and I grew to like it even more when I set my Buffy/Spike video to it. It really tells the story of how love can be like a drug, for good and bad.

3.“Beautiful Disaster (Live)” (from Breakaway)
I didn’t really like this song when it was on Thankful, but this live version is incredible. THIS is the pace this song was meant to be performed at. Plus, who hasn’t been in that relationship with a person who you know is totally wrong, but totally right at the same time?

2.“Before Your Love” (from Thankful)
I pretty much covered this song in my Fave 5 from 2 weeks ago, but it’s worth mentioning again. This is the kind of song you hear playing in your head when you find that perfect someone.

1.“Because of You” (from Breakaway)
And this song is pretty much the exact opposite. Describing that kind of relationship that hurts you so much that you’re not sure you’ll ever be whole again. This has my favorite Kelly lyric of all-time: "I'm force to fake a smile, a laugh, every day of my life. My heart can't possibly break, when it wasn't even whole to start with." I hear those words, and my heart breaks. There’s a reason why this song is one of the 5 most-played songs in my entire iTunes Library, despite having been added almost 3 years after iTunes began tracking play counts.