Fave 5 - Guilty Pleasures

So last week was all about the Kelly Clarkson concert. And while some people would consider Kelly a guilty pleasure, I don’t think she falls in that category. I feel no guilt about my love for Kelly Clarkson. I’m not embarrassed by it. THESE 5 things, on the other hand, are definitely guilty pleasures. And while this post may preclude me from ever becoming the head of GE (see last week’s episode of “30 Rock” for details), I don’t care. I’m not a sellout like Jack Donaghy (or a game-fixer like his “brother” Tim, but that’s a post for another day).

5.Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” Album
Here’s the thing about Britney: saying she was hot (before she went all crazy) isn’t a problem. Saying you thought her later albums were dance-able isn’t a big deal either. But damn, a guy my age (or a guy in general) isn’t supposed to like Britney’s first album. But I do. I can’t help it.

4. Spider-Girl and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane
Some people I know would say comics of any kind fall into the guilty pleasure category, but I think there are definitely comics that can be considered a true art form. These are not them. I know they’re targeted at a teen girl market, but I can’t get enough of MJ.

3. Veronica Mars
Let’s ignore the 3rd season. The first two seasons we’re awesome. Kristen Bell is hot and she can act. But what makes this a guilty pleasure is how into the lives of the characters I got. One of the reasons I hated the third season so much is I thought Veronica should be with Duncan, not Logan (and definitely not Piz). And the way everyone just totally forgot about Lilly, even though she’d only been dead for two years. What the hell was that about?

2.Gossip Girl
Speaking of shows where I care too much about the characters lives, this one takes the cake. I know it’s only been on for 5 episodes, but I can’t get enough of it. But here’s the thing. Dan totally needs to realize that Serena is the best thing to ever happen to him. I know when he looks at her, he immediate sees a world he hates, but he needs to look past the world and see the girl, the one who is trying so hard to rise above that and become a better person. OK, I need to stop now, because if I go on much longer, I could write an essay on this show alone.

Then again, I could go on even longer about Clueless. I’ll just say this -- about a month ago at work, someone brought it up and I made the mistake of saying “I think ‘Clueless’ is one of my 10 favorite movies of all-time.” Now, aside from the stupidity of saying that in a room of sports fans, I wasn’t sure I could back it up. Then I went home, and tried to come up with at least 10 movies I liked better. Now I was really scared, because I couldn’t. I COULD if I counted trilogies and the like as separate movies, but if I don’t, then I can’t honestly list 10. And that scares and embarrasses me.