College Football Top 10

One of these weeks, the college football rankings are going to be unscathed and order will be restored to the land. Until then, I’m going to keep using mushroom cloud pictures to represent my college football rankings, since they keep getting blown up.

To be fair, it’s not just my rankings going Kablammo! Over the last 4 weeks, teams ranked in the AP Top 10 are a combined 21-15. You know what 21-15 is over the course of a 12-game college football season? 7-5. You know what 7-5 gets you in college football these days? A trip to snowy Detroit for the Motor City Bowl. Yet these teams are supposed to be battling for BCS bids. Nice job guys.

So here’s my 2nd weekly edition of the Top 10, tied in nicely with Kelly Clarkson Week. I’ll choose a Kelly Clarkson song (or at least song title) I think appropriately defines each team’s season. Click here for last week’s rankings.

1.Boston College (last week: 1)
As in “maybe this team is No. 1 and maybe it’s not, but no one is going to have any real idea until after this Thursday’s game at Virginia Tech.” I’m still not sure it was right to put BC here last week, but they were idle this week and Ohio State wasn’t that impressive, so at No. 1 the Eagles shall remain.

2.Ohio State (last week: 2)
Ohio State’s defense is fantastic, but they do have a hole on offense. Their passing game is sub-par, and turnovers almost killed them Saturday. They also have a hole on their resume, lacking a marquee win.

3.Oklahoma (last week: 3)
The Sooners hope they won’t be haunted all season by a last-second field goal against Colorado. That’s all that stands between them and a perfect season to this point.

4.LSU (last week: 4)
“Some Kind of Miracle”
They should have lost Saturday. Simple as that. I’m convinced at this point Les Miles is actually TRYING to lose his job. He had no idea where the game clock was on that final play. But the Tigers survive and remain at No. 4.

5.Oregon (last week: 7)
The song title is the answer to the question “when can Oregon score 50 points?” They’ve done it 4 times so far this season, and had another game in which they scored 48. Their season low is 24 points. And that Week 2 win against Michigan is actually starting to look impressive again (funny how that works).

6.West Virginia (last week: 9)
This team will go as far as the breakaway ability of Pat White and Steve Slaton will take them. They scored 28 points in the first quarter Saturday and just cruised from there. White finished with 89 on the ground, Slaton had 127. If they can get past Rutgers this week, 11-1 is looking like a real possibility.

7.South Florida (last week: 5)
“Not Today”
Yes, I know USF beat West Virginia, but this isn’t about which team beat which other team. And I feel bad dropping USF after the Bulls played such a good game at Rutgers, but they did lose. To an unranked (but very solid) team. This just feels right for them.

8.Arizona State (last week: UR)
“You Thought Wrong”
Or, more accurately, I thought wrong. I know they don’t have that “marquee” win on their resume, but they’ve got a lot of impressive wins. The next two weeks -- home vs Cal, then at Oregon -- will tell us everything we need to know about the Sun Devils.

9.USC (last week: 10)
“Walk Away”
That’s what Notre Dame is happy it can do after the pasting USC laid on the Irish this week. That kind of beat down was exactly what USC had been missing all season. And yes, it does get semi-discounted because it came against Notre Dame, but BC struggled with the same Irish team a week earlier.

10.Virginia Tech (last week: UR)
The Hokies are thankful that their one loss was so long ago that pretty much everyone else has lost since then. They’re thankful that they get a huge opportunity to make a statement at home on national TV this Thursday. And they’re thankful that they only leave the state of Virginia once more this season. They’d be more thankful if LSU had lost, because as long as the Tigers are a one-loss team, the Hokies aren’t really in the national title picture.

Undefeated and unranked: Kansas, Hawaii
Dropped out: South Carolina, Cal

Looking ahead to next week, here are the games that could once again change the landscape:

Boston College at Virginia Tech, Thursday 7:30 ET on ESPN
One of these teams will come out of this game as a legit contender. The other will basically be done (and yes, a one-loss VT is in much better shape than a one-loss BC if that’s the way this game goes down).

Ohio State at Penn State, Saturday, 8 ET on ABC
Seemingly everyone else has Ohio State at No. 1, and I might be convinced to do the same if the Buckeyes go into Happy Valley and beat Penn State convincingly (then again, if BC beats Virginia Tech, period, I’m not moving OSU ahead of them).

California at Arizona State, Saturday, 10 ET on FSN
This is Arizona State’s homecoming game, and if the Sun Devils win, it’ll also serve as their coming out party. Cal on the other hand is just trying to avoid a 3-game losing streak. They haven’t lost 3 straight since going 1-10 in 2001.