Three to Get Ready: September 15-17

A look ahead at the three sporting events I’ll be watching this weekend (and yes, because of the NFL season, Monday counts as part of the weekend).

September 15:
1 USC at 14 Nebraska, 8 ET on ABC
Last week, USC lost some support in the polls, as LSU romped over Virginia Tech. This week, the Trojans have a great opportunity to solidify their No. 1 ranking with a road game against a ranked opponent. For Nebraska, this game stands as a test to see if the program really is back. Plus, I’ll use any excuse I can get to run a picture of the USC Song Girls, perhaps the greatest collection of cheerleaders ever assembled. In fact, here’s another one:

September 16:
Yankees at Red Sox, 8 ET on ESPN
I could pick an NFL game for this Sunday, but that’d be the easy way out. Besides, this is the last meeting between these two teams this season. Even if the Yankees sweep this series, they’ll still be 2 and a half games behind the Red Sox in the AL East with just 2 weeks left to go in the season. Still, this one could be one for the ages, with Roger Clemens returning to Fenway (likely for the last time) and Curt Schilling on the mound for the Red Sox. But, instead of showing you a picture of two old flabby pitchers, let’s go with the USC Song Girls again:

September 17:
Redskins at Eagles, 8:30 ET on ESPN
I swear, the Monday choice for this feature won’t be the Monday Night Football game every week, but honestly, do you think I’ll be doing anything Monday night besides watching my favorite team romp through Philadelphia on national television. Sure, the ‘Skins didn’t look great in Week 1, but they showed flashes. Meanwhile, the Eagles looked like a steaming pile of dogpoop, which is exactly how I want them to play (well, except for Brian Westbrook, who I need to play well for my fantasy team to succeed). And in lieu of another Song Girls picture, here are the Redskins cheerleaders. Hail to the Redskins, indeed: