Sweet holy jeebus!

That man is Jerry Moore, the head football coach at Appalachian State. My guess is he won’t be the head football coach at Appalachian State after this season -- he’ll be able to pick any job he wants. He’s won 2 straight championships, and now, he pulled off perhaps the biggest upset in college football history (yes, I went there).

Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32 (Final)

This is the first time since the NCAA split Division I into two divisions that a I-AA (or FCS) team has beaten a ranked I-A (or FBS) team. And Michigan wasn’t just any ranked team. They were the preseason No. 5 (they’ll be unranked next week, I’m fairly certain), and a legit national title contender. Now they’re done.

Speaking of done, Lloyd Carr is now a dead man walking. He was destroyed in his last two games last season, and now he lost to a I-AA team (a team that Michigan paid $400,000 to play this game, by the way -- safe to say that’s the worst investment since Enron). They can’t fire Carr right now, because that would result in total turmoil in Ann Arbor and probably something like a 5-7 season, but he’ll be hard-pressed to keep his job after this.

By the way, basically no one in the country saw this game, since it was on the Big Ten Network, but you could get near-real-time updates on College Football Overdrive on ESPNews. It’s on from 3-8 and it’s the best place to get college football updates.