Sunday Night Quick Hits

• Derek Sanderson Jeter... Mr. Clutch! Jeter’s 8th-inning homer Sunday night not only helped the Yankees win, but it gave me a nice chunk of change in the deep pool. For those not in the know, the deep pool allows anyone in our department to “call” a home run for 25 cents. If your batter homers, you get all the money in the pool. Obviously not high stakes, but still awesome when it pays off. In the case of Jeter tonight, it paid off to the tune of $17.36 (a 6,900% return on investment!). Sorry, PooZ.

• In other important semi-gambling news, I’ve moved back into first place in my Fantasy NASCAR league. No money on this one, but I’ve become disproportionately emotionally invested in it. My key this week: starting Clint Bowyer. Sure, he’d never won a NEXTEL Cup race before, but he was due! I’ve got an 18-point lead with just a few weeks to go.

• Derek Anderson (not to be confused with Derek Sanderson Jeter) had himself a hell of a game Sunday afternoon. I’m not a Browns fan by any stretch of the imagination, but anything that keeps Golden Domer Brady Quinn on the bench is good by me. Also, having become so attached to the Cavs, I do like to see other Cleveland teams do well.

• Worth noting, in that game, Chad Johnson redeemed himself. The leap into the Cleveland crowd was exactly what he promised and he delivered. So he’s got 3 touchdowns on the season (he caught 2 on Sunday) and 1 really good celebration. I’ll give him a pass on the first TD Sunday, since he was in the wrong endzone to do the leap, but at least he’s back on track (and really, you can’t complain about 3 touchdowns).

• I take back everything bad I implied about USC in last week’s quick hits, since they absolutely pasted Nebraska to prove they deserve to be the No. 1 team in the land. Going on the road to beat a ranked major conference opponent is impressive. Not as impressive as the Song Girls, but still pretty damn impressive.

• I swear, I’m going to put together my Fall TV preview at some point before the season begins in full. That basically gives me a week. Look for it this Tuesday. And it’s worth mentioning that since the last time I intended to do this, there are a couple more shows that are on my radar, thanks to some solid advertising by the networks.