Sunday Night Quick Hits

• The Redskins didn’t look good in their opener, but they won, which really is all that matters. The way I see it, it’s one down, 9 to go to get to the playoffs. And how ‘bout Antwaan Randle El, finally living up to that contract extension. Sure, I didn’t start him in my ESPN fantasy league this week, but who starts their 15th-round pick in Week 1? If he can keep this up (which I truly doubt, but I can dream), that might be the best 15th-round pick up ever.

• Speaking of that fantasy league -- and I promise I won’t do this often -- the team I co-own with Kevin is off to a roaring start. Thanks to a huge day from Plaxico Burress and a solid performance by Jon Kitna (who was a dicey proposition at QB, but both Kevin and I expect big things from him), we’ve got a 60-point lead headed into Monday Night Football. We’ve still got Larry Fitzgerald and Matt Stover going Monday, while our opponents have Carson Palmer, Anquan Boldin and Darrell Jackson. I feel good about our 60-point lead.

• Who shouldn’t feel good? Da Bears! Well, more specifically, Da Bears offense. The defense looked fine (better, even, holding LaDainian Tomlinson to 25 rushing yards), but Sexy Rexy was his usual scattershot self, and Adrian Peterson (not the good one) had his own problems holding the ball. D’oh.

• I hate the Patriots. I’ve hated them since Robert Kraft screwed over Hartford, I hate smug baby-daddy Tom Brady, and I hate the retardedness that is the drive to Foxboro (and yes, I’m still spelling it that way, because that’s the way I grew up with and I’m not changing now). That said, I really like Ellis Hobbs. Not just for his 108-yard kickoff return touchdown but because of how he explained it after the game:
"I didn't even think about kneeling that ball," Hobbs said. "We're taking them all out. They pay me to make plays. They don't pay me to take knees. This isn't college. This isn't high school. We're in the NFL. They pay me to return the ball and guys in front of me to block. Why not give them something to celebrate and enjoy?"
Now that’s a guy I wanna watch every week.

• Looking back to the college boys on Saturday, LSU absolutely pasted Virginia Tech, and it’s absurd that the Tigers aren’t ranked #1. In fact, the only reason they aren’t #1 is because they didn’t start at #1. If Michigan’s loss didn’t prove the stupidity of preseason polls, this should clinch it. LSU has rolled on the road against a conference team, then destroyed a top-tier BCS-conference opponent at home. No team in the country has a better resume at this (admittedly early) point in the season.

• OK, maybe no team has a better resume, but one PERSON does -- one Colton James Brennan. You can just call him Colt, and the record watch is on. I’ve updated my page with his week 2 stats. More yards this week, but “only” 4 touchdowns. He’s still on track to break just about every major passing record this year. This week brings another game on the mainland, before heading back to Hawai’i on the 22nd.

• Is it Monday yet? Almost. And you know what that means? That’s right -- party at my place. I’m hosting an MNF get-together. Consider this your official invite. If you need directions, shoot me an e-mail. If you don’t know my e-mail address, well, then you probably don’t know me well enough to be coming to this party.