Monday Night Ramblings

• OK, I’m sorry about the lack of updates last week, but I got busy with work and then PooZ’s wedding. So nothing. My bad. I could have at least warned you or something. Still, I’ve come up with a pretty sweet Fave 5 for this week. Also, there’s a Web Gallery of the wedding pictures available for your perusal. I know there’s not a lot of me in there, but I generally don’t pass my iPhone off to other people to take pictures of me. But I’m waiting for someone else who took pictures to get them up online, so you can see the visual evidence that PooZ and I totally pulled off the Kid N Play dance (with the feet taps) while “Here Comes the Hotstepper” was blasting. Yes, we rock.

• Also, you may notice I’m calling this post “ramblings” instead of “quick hits”. I’ve decided to re-name my multi-topic posts, since none of them are really “quick” by any stretch of the imagination.

• Speaking of things that won’t be quick: my thoughts on yesterday afternoon’s Redskins loss. Holy fuck. First off, defense: you want to wrap up sometime soon? Maybe, once in awhile? Just a thought. Ok, but beyond that, could Joe Gibbs maybe get a decent fucking play called down at the one-yard line. Spiking the ball one first down with 58 seconds left was just retarded. Try just pushing it forward with Campbell and see what happens. Worst case, it’s 2nd down with 52 seconds left. I don’t like the screen pass on 2nd down, but it’s not completely horrible. But after that, WHAT THE FUCK?! Ladell Betts is 5-11, 225 lbs. Clinton Portis is 5-11, 223 lbs. So those 2 extra pounds make Betts the “big” back who gets the goal line carries?! FUCK?! Here’s an idea: put your BEST DAMN PLAYER ON THE DAMN FIELD! Fuck Ladell Betts. OK, I’m better now. Actually, that’s a lie, but I’m gonna stop ranting about it, because I’ve got other things to discuss.

• Actually, that’s a lie too... seriously, you have to go with your BEST back in a situation like that, regardless of if he’s your “goal line” back or not. It reminds me of the 2006 Rose Bowl when USC went for it on 4th down with LenDale White, with Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush on the sidelines. You have to go with your BEST player if you want to win. And Ladell Betts is not the Redskins best player. Not by a long shot.

• Yesterday, I missed the season premiere of The Simpsons. I hadn’t programmed my DVR for the fall yet, and didn’t think I had to worry about The Simpsons, because FOX doesn’t usually premiere its shows until after the World Series. But because TBS has the first round of the MLB postseason, FOX got its premieres on the air at a normal time of year. I’ll track down The Simpsons eventually.

• By the way, since I’m a huge dork, I need to update you on my dork-ness of the week. In transit to me right now are both the Mary Jane comiquette and the alternate Premium Format Buffy from Sideshow Toys. These are two of my most-wanted pieces and they’ll both be here by the end of the week. I’m so psyched! (yes, I’m a huge dork, and I love it!)