Fave 5 - Mets Moments from 2007

Years from now, the record will show that the Mets season in 2007 ended on September 30th. However, true fans know it really ended Wednesday. All that’s left is the formality of the rest of this collapse, culminating with a 10-game home losing streak that results in them finishing 2 games behind the Phillies in the East and a game out of an NL Wild Card playoff.

Still, there are plenty of good memories from this season. In fact, here are my Fave 5, since at this point it doesn’t seem like anything from the rest of this week will crack the list.

5. Moises Alou’s 30-game hit streak
If there’s one Met who can’t be blamed for this disastrous September, it’s Moises. Sure, he missed a lot of time this season, but that’s left him fresh for September, when he’s gone on the longest hit streak in team history. It’s also the longest hit streak in modern baseball history (since 1900) by a guy over the age of 40. So Moises still has some life left in those old bones.

4. Aug. 31-Sept. 4: 5-Game Win Streak
Yeah, a 5-game win streak doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s, sadly, the Mets LONGEST of the season. Those heady days way back on September 4th were so sweet. For the longest time this season, it looked like the Mets would become the first team ever to make the playoffs without winning 5 straight. Then they finally won 5 straight. Now they won’t make the playoffs. How ironic.

3. September 3rd: Pedro Martinez returns
He’s not the Pedro of old, but he’s still pretty damn good. In fact, in 4 starts this month, he’s 3-0 with a 2.57 ERA. The one game he didn’t win, he went 6 innings and gave up just one run, but the ‘pen blew it. If the Mets somehow do make the playoffs, Pedro will be a big reason why.

2. May 29th: Carlos Delgado walk-off HR
Carlos Delgado has had a pretty shitty season, but for this one game, he was a hero. It was like old times at Shea, with Armando Benitez blowing the game, only this time it was for the Giants. Delgado’s homer came right after Jose Reyes had forced Benitez into a balk, allowing Reyes to score the tying run and taking the pressure off Delgado, who delivered in a big way.

1. September 12th: Mets beat Braves, 4-3
Shawn Green drives in a run in the bottom of the 8th, Billy Wagner gets the save in the 9th and the Mets beat the Braves (always a good thing) and stretch their lead in the NL East to 7 games. It seemed like things were over then. You know what happened next: the Phillies came into town, swept 3 straight, and it’s been downhill since. But we’ll always have September 12th.