Weekend at the Lakehouse

So I finally did something vacation-like on my vacation. I spent Saturday night and all day Sunday at the Puziak Lakehouse, which was tons of fun.

Saturday night, I didn’t really go into the water at all (I did get my feet wet, but that was pretty much it). We did take a ride on the speedboat around the lake, but the real fun was Sunday. Geoff and Mary came up to the lake, as did Wayne, Shaun, and Meaghan’s friend Laura, so it felt like much more of a party atmosphere.

We took multiple rides on the boat, including a very wild one during which Sarah brought here camera and shot some video. Of course, it’s now on YouTube. Enjoy.

Sunday, I also got in the water, something I haven’t done since my senior year of college. I’m still in the group of people that much prefers lake water to ocean water. There are no jellyfish or sharks in a lake, only weird plant life, and I’m fine with that.

What I’m not fine with is sunburn. I tried my best to not get roasted, but if you’ve ever seen me, you know I’ll turn crispy with just a second in the sun. My burn right now doesn’t actually look as bad as what I ended up with in LA, but it feels worse. I couldn’t really sleep last night, and felt pretty sick into the morning.

I’m feeling better now (bless you Lubriderm) and hopefully by later this week I’ll be able to do stuff again.