Wednesday Afternoon Quick Hits

• So Kevin Garnett is a Celtic. To quote Tony Vaughns, “BIG DEAL!” Garnett does make the Celtics better, there’s no doubt about that, but you’ve got 3 superstar players who’ve never won anything in their career. Among active players, these are three of the top 5 scoring players who’ve never even REACHED the NBA Finals. Plus, neither Pierce nor Allen is known for their defense, so Garnett’s gonna have to be swatting a lot of shots back there.

• That said, the Celtics ARE better. John Hollinger has them slated for 46 wins, which honestly sounds about right. They could go as high as 50, but this doesn’t make them a 60-win team; not even close. Of course, as a 46-win team, they’d be a playoff team, easily, in the East. So which playoff team drops out?

Ummm... well, the Magic were the 8 seed, but they have a new coach and Rashard Lewis. The Wizards were the 7 seed, but assuming health, they’ll be better than that next season. The Nets were the 6 seed, and they’ve got their own Big Three (Kidd-Carter-Jefferson) who have the benefit of playing together longer. The Bulls were the 5 seed but actually had the 3rd-best record in the East, and added Joe Smith and Joakim Noah. The Heat were the 4 seed, and assuming a healthy season from Shaq and D-Wade, aren’t going south. The Raptors were the 3 seed, their young players are only getting better, and they added sharpshooter Jason Kapono. The Cavs were the 2 seed, and while they haven’t added anything, they haven’t lost anything either, and they still have LeBron. The Pistons are fine, thank you, they’re not missing the playoffs, no matter how much I’d love that. So, um, yeah.

And that doesn’t even cover the Knicks, who added Zach Randolph, the Hawks, who have more young talent than anyone in the league, or the Bobcats, who added Jason Richardson to a crazy talented young core. The East should actually be fun this year.

• Speaking of LeBron, he’s in the Who’s Now final against Tiger Woods. I’m happy to see my boy LeBron in the final. But he needs your support. Click here to access the Who’s Now site and vote for the Chosen One. You can vote from multiple browsers on multiple computers. You can also vote by texting WN to 43776. Vote LeBron!

• iLove my iPhone (which I use to vote for LeBron in Who’s Now). I really got great use out of it in my trips to New York. On one of them, I was using Edge to browse the ‘net the entire trip, and it was actually pretty snappy. Then, on my last trip I pretty much just watched video the entire time (and yes, the battery life was fine). The screen isn’t as big as my old PSP (3.5 inches vs 4.3 inches), but it’s higher resolution and the device is so much lighter that I don’t mind holding it while watching a movie (or in this case, the pilot episode of “Firefly”, followed by “The Wish” episode of “Buffy”).

• While I was in New York last week, I came across this great column, supporting the induction of Dr. Frank Jobe (the creator of Tommy John surgery) into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Obviously, Dr. Jobe has had a major impact on the careers of countless modern pitchers, and he deserves recognition for such (also, while we’re on the topic, I wouldn’t mind seeing Tommy John himself inducted into the hall of fame).

• I’ll have a new Fave 5 later tonight. Not sure on what yet. PooZ and I have been hashing out an idea that I want to give some more discussion, recent songs that prove humanity is doomed. I’m not sure I want to limit it to 5, since there are so many good choices (what is a “Hollaback Girl”? Does she shake her “Laffy Taffy”? And if so, does that have any effect on her “Humps”?). So I’ll try to hit something else for my Fave 5 today.

• Vote LeBron!