Tuesday Afternoon Quick Hits

• Pictured here is the new iMac. Wow, it’s sexy. I really want one, but I can’t afford one right now (even though they do start at just $1199). It was introduced today alongside updates to iLife and iWork. I can’t wait to start publishing this blog using iWeb ’08 (hopefully publish times are improved).

• In addition to the computer and software updates, .Mac was also updated and now includes 10 GB of iDisk space. I now have 9.4 GB of free space on my iDisk. Not sure what I’m going to do with it, but don’t expect too many changes on AdamReisinger.com (at least not until I get my hands on the new version of iLife).

• I updated the Displaying My Collection gallery on my Buffy page, giving you the full experience of my living room. I was browsing my iPhoto Library and its amazing to compare my living room now to when I first moved in. Aside from the huge increase in Buffy stuff, there’s also a different TV, different couch and different layout. Hopefully later this week I’ll have new condo pics with side-by-side comparisons.

• OTL did a great piece today on famous sports calls and the moments that led to them. It had most of my favorite calls in there, but one I felt it missed was the radio call from the Music City Miracle. It’s a great call because it builds with the play, then, in the exact moment of total excitement, the announcer still manages to get across the most critical piece of information: “THERE ARE NO FLAGS ON THE FIELD!” If you were listening to that game on the radio, that was the one thing you needed to know when Dyson scored. Just an incredibly impressive feat of announcing to remember to convey that fact.