Saturday Afternoon Quick Hits

• So the latest iWeb update seems to have solved all my publishing problems (and hopefully I’m not speaking too soon on that), but I’ve noticed one small problem. The frame style I’ve been using for my DGOW page doesn’t seem to be available in iWeb 2.0, so I had to change it. Then again, you’re probably not noticing the frames on the pictures at all.

• I got my “Serenity” PVC Figure set from Dark Horse and I have to say, I’m impressed with the likenesses on such a small scale. Check out more pictures in the gallery.

• I had to go to work early for a lunch meeting Friday, then I had 4 hours to kill, so I went and saw “Rush Hour 3”. Here’s the thing: it’s the same damn movie as “Rush Hour” and “Rush Hour 2” (some of the same supporting characters from “Rush Hour” even show up) but it’s still awesome. It’s funny, there’s good action, and it’s not too long. I can’t complain about it at all.

• The follow up to that: if I had time to kill to see a movie on Friday, why didn’t I see “Superbad”? Well, honestly, I want to see that with a group of people. I think it’ll be funnier if I have people to laugh with, rather than sitting by myself in a theater. So there.

• No Fave 5 this week (if you couldn’t figure that out, since it’s Saturday and Fave 5 usually comes on Friday). Tomorrow though I’ll have a special post: my fall TV preview. What new shows will I be giving a chance? Which returning shows am I excited about? Why is there a TV show about the Geico cavemen? All these questions and more will be answered!! (and yes, that’s totally worth of double exclamation points).