Friday Night Quick Hits

• So for some random reason today, a question popped into my head: If the assembled superheroes of the Marvel comic universe were to take on the assembled superheroes of the DC comic universe in a football game, who would win. Now, I have no idea why this question popped into my head, but since it did, I needed to go to the foremost expert in comic book football games: Christopher Puziak (you and I know him as PooZ). His response:
“Well we can approach this two different ways.

1) Power for power, DC would kick the crap out of them. Marvel has no answer for the Big 3 Power Wise: Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman.

And if Batman was the coach, tactically he would shit on them.

2) However, if we are playing standard rules football with no powers, marvel wins. pound for pound there are more guys in the marvel universe that are brute strength. Juggernaut, Thing, and ya know what. Hold on. If it's standard rules football, no powers (strength guys aren't effected because being strong isn't a power) Marvel kills DC. Why? Two Words: Hulk Smash. “

No, I’m no comic expert, but I have to dispute Hulk’s super strength as not being a power. In a straight-up no powers football game, Marvel’s getting Bruce Banner, not The Hulk. Plus, I think Professor X would be a pretty damn good coach. Once again, PooZ disagrees:
“Professor X sucks. Period.

Hulk Smash.

Final Answer. “
Fair enough.

• On PooZ’s suggestion, I picked up the Planet Hulk storyline leading into the current World War Hulk issues of The Incredible Hulk. I have to say it’s not bad. Then again, PooZ wouldn’t have recommended it to me if it was.

• I’ve been having a publishing problem with my website lately, so if it goes offline for a few hours, don’t worry, it’ll always come back (even if I have to put it online file-by-file -- ok, maybe not then...)

• Only a couple more days before I head back to work. Honestly, I can’t wait. I’ve been so bored these past couple days that on two occasions I almost broke down and bought a PS3. I’ve managed to stave off those urges both times. Can’t say that I can do so much longer (and the sad thing is I’ve got no use for a PS3 -- I was even browsing the blu-ray section at Best Buy and couldn’t find much that I really wanted).