Friday Night Quick Hits

• So I am once again a licensed driver. On my way back from LA (my ESPYs trip) I apparently left my drivers license in a seat pocket on a plane. So for the past three weeks, I’ve been driving around without one. Hell, I didn’t even know until about a week ago, when I went to buy something at the gas station and they asked for ID. Whoops. So I finally got down to Middletown today to get it taken care of. And I have a license again. It even has my real address on it.

• After I did that, I went an got a damn haircut. I was way overdue for one and its too damn hot here to keep my hair long. And no, you don’t get a picture.

• My nephew Eli’s 2nd birthday party was last week. He’s getting pretty big (see the picture on the left). I got him a batting tee and his first baseball glove. Now I get to spend time teaching him how to play baseball (or at least develop an enjoyment for the game).

• It’s been at least 2 days since I mentioned this, but I love my iPhone. Today, when I went to get my license, I used Google Maps on my iPhone to punch up directions, then I had them sitting there ready to go during my drive. It was awesome.

• I saw “The Bourne Ultimatum” this afternoon and I have to say it was freakin’ awesome (though on first watch, it looks like they cut the scene that Moore and I saw filmed in NYC). There was a ton of action, some great fights, and it wrapped up the story of the trilogy very well. I’m re-watching the first two right now (well, actually I finished the first one and I’m rewatching the second one).

• Speaking of awesome movies, I picked up “300” on HD-DVD. It looks amazing. I can’t believe I missed it when it was in theaters, but now that it’s out on DVD, I’m very happy to have seen it. It was a quality movie with a well-crafted story and stunning visuals. The high-definition experience only adds to the enjoyment of watching it.