End of the line...

Well, it looks like the “Buffy” lines are coming to their conclusion. Earlier this week, rumors started to leak that Diamond Select Toys was canceling “The Judge” Wave of 6-inch figures (the last regular wave planned) as well as the announced Revamped series of figures, which never really captured the public’s attention like DST hoped it would.

Well, the official statement came down Wednesday and reaction from the “Buffy” fan community has not been positive. People are unhappy about the cancellation of what they perceived to be two great lines (including one that was going to give us a character who’d never been released before). People are also worried about future products from DST, including the “Essence of” statues, busts and props.

I’m of two minds of this. My first reaction was “well, that sucks.” I was really looking forward to the Judge wave (especially the two Drusilla figures and the build-a-Judge). Obviously I will by pretty much any major Buffy products released, and I love getting new stuff. Plus, with Sideshow already ending their 12-inch line of Buffy and Angel products, this is shaping up as a bad year for “Buffy” products, even with the runaway success of the Season 8 comic.

That said, I’m running out of room for new products, and I wasn’t very excited about the Revamped line (which stylistically didn’t fit in with any previously released merchandise). I would have ended up buying them, but somewhat reluctantly -- especially since I didn’t think the Angel likeness was great.

Honestly, it’s been a good run for DST (which took over for MAC a few years back). All I can hope for is that they keep producing deluxe figures (the super-articulated figures in the 6-inch scale) and busts, including the already announced “Villains” and “Lovers Walk” Willow busts.