Wikked Buffy Grrrls

My third “Buffy” video - it’s the wicked women of the Buffyverse, set to the Esthero song “Wikked Lil’ Grrrls”. I had the idea for this video a few months ago, and ever since then, I haven’t been able to hear the song without thinking of ideas for it.

Director’s commentary:

- I didn’t use any iMovie transitions except a fade in at the beginning and a fade out at the end. I liked the cut style much better on this video, and with such short clips, transitions wouldn’t have looked good.
- I pulled a TON of video from both “Buffy” and “Angel” and used quite a bit of it. There were a couple women who I’d pulled video of that I didn’t end up using at all, but that’s because not every female villain on the show fit the flow of the song.
- Yes there’s video of Buffy. I know it’s “wikked” girls. If you’ve watched the show, you know Buffy wasn’t always exactly a saint.
- I really wish I could have worked in more Lilah Morgan clips, but I hated the widescreen of “Angel” clashing with the fullscreen of “Buffy” so I tried to use it sparingly.
- Speaking of people who should be in there more, there’s only one brief clip of Anya. I was actually reviewing the video for credits purposes, when I realized she wasn’t in there at all. I slipped in a scene from “The Wish”. I probably should have gotten one in there from “Selfless” too, but I didn’t want to have to re-do too much.
- I’m posting it to YouTube right now. I’ll post a link once the conversion process is complete.