Tuesday Night Quick Hits

• I came away from work Monday having learned one important thing: Jessica Biel is easily the hottest person I’ve ever seen in person, ever. It’s not even close. All you other Jessicas (Alba, Simpson, et al) get in line behind Biel. She’s freakin’ incredible.

• Of course, my time in New York wasn’t spent solely thinking about how hot Jessica Biel was (as a reminder, she’s hot). I also finally got to visit the Apple Store 5th Avenue (pictured above). It’s a really cool store. I love the glass cube, and I was amazed at how packed it was, even at 11:30 at night.

• Also, I had dinner with Phil and his girlfriend Alanna and I got to tell her all the sordid tales of the trouble Phil and I would get into growing up. Well, mostly the trouble Phil would get into, thanks in part to myself and others. Good times.

• Did I mention that Jessica Biel is hot? Well, she is. She’s also the Desktop Girl of the Week. Enjoy.

• Fave 5 coming Wednesday. Right now, the plan is to do my Fave 5 Jessica Biel movies (notice a theme here?). And yes, I have seen at least 5 movies she’s been in. I absolutely loved her in at least two of them. Which ones? Well, come back Wednesday to find out.