Thursday Afternoon Quick Hits

• Yesterday was the 4th of July, and as I’ve done for the last 5 years, I spent part of the day watching the movie “Independence Day”. I saw this movie multiple times when it came out in theaters, and I still love it. Sure, the special effects don’t hold up very well (the explosions look like pre-recorded video laid in poorly over the actual footage), but it’s a fun movie.

• I don’t write very often about my favorite baseball team, the Mets, but something has to be said about the pathetic showing by the team in Colorado this week. They were swept in devastating fashion, allowing Rockies batters to hit .409 while giving up 34 runs -- the most the team has ever allowed in a 3-game series. Yes, it was pretty bad. But it doesn’t get much worse than El Duque’s Eephus pitch on a 3-2 count with the bases loaded. WTF! Full count, bases loaded, still close game... throw a fucking real pitch.

• Dustin McGowan update: my near-no-hitter boy had another great outing Wednesday, giving up just 4 hits in 7 scoreless innings against the Athletics, improving his record to 5-4 on the season. The 5 wins are more than double his career total entering the season (2 combined in 2005 and 2006). Now he just needs to work on his consistency. Check out his last 5 starts:

July 4 at OAK 7 4 0 4
June 29 at SEA 5 8 5 4
June 24 vs COL 9 1 0 7
June 19 vs LAD 1.2 8 6 2
June 13 at SF 6 7 2 6

Up, down, up, down. Not a formula for long term success. On a positive note, he’s hasn’t allowed a homer in any of those 5 starts, which more often than not will lead to success.