Sunday Morning Quick Hits

• Jessica Biel week was supposed to continue Saturday, but I needed sleep, so I slept until about 2:30 p.m. instead. So now the plan is to go see her new movie, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” on Sunday before I go to work. I’ll probably end up seeing it in Manchester, since the Plainville showtimes don’t work out with enough time for me to get to work (even with the theater being 10 minutes from the office). If I do end up seeing it, I’ll try to have a quick review up on Monday (to wrap up Jessica Biel week).

• I don’t write much about the art of Joseph Michael Linsner, but PooZ put me on to him a couple years back and I have to say, I love his work. Plus, the mythology of his Dawn character is pretty damn cool. That said, I had no problem dropping $250 on the remarque edition of his latest art book, “Girls and Goddesses” which comes with a hand-drawn sketch. Originally, when I’d ordered the sketch, I requested art of Dark Ivory, another of his original characters. That was, until I saw the piece pictured above, which became available after no one claimed it. As you may know from reading my blog regularly, Mary Jane Watson-Parker is my favorite comic book character by far, and really the only reason outside of Buffy that I ever got into comics. So to have a piece that looks this good just makes me giddy.

• Another thing that makes me giddy: my iPhone. I’ve already expressed my thoughts on the iPhone in general but now that I have one of my own, I can be more specific. This is easily the coolest piece of electronics I’ve ever owned. The screen is stunning, it’s fun to use, plus it does everything I need my phone/organizer to do. And it’s lighter, thinner and prettier than my Treo (which, as you may remember, decided to start revolting against me in L.A. I think it knew what was coming).