Friday Night Quick Hits

• Day 1 of my vacation was a smashing success. I went to the comic book shop and picked up the latest issue of “Buffy: Season 8” - a one-off issue with a very interesting story. I also got the new issue of “Spike: Shadow Puppets” which had a predictable ending and brought back some annoying characters from “Spike: Asylum” that I just didn’t care about. I also caught up with the various Spider-Man titles: Friendly Neighborhood, Amazing and Sensational. I thought this issue of FHSM was very well written, and I loved the little throwaway line about FOX canceling “Drive” (a show I very much miss).

• After the trip to the comic book shop, I met PooZ at the mall and we went over to my place of work, where I showed him around. He seemed to have a good time, and I was reminded about how cool my job is.

• Then we went to see “The Simpsons Movie.” Now, I haven’t watched “The Simpsons” regularly on Sunday nights since probably my junior year of college. Seeing the movie, I have to wonder if I’ve been missing something incredible these past few years. Holy crap, that was easily the funniest movie I’ve seen in years. Yes, funnier than “Anchorman”, “Knocked Up”, “Borat”, “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle” or anything like that. And yes, the Spider-Pig gag is still funny, even after seeing it in commercials 300 times. How good was this movie? Well, remember last week when I wrote that I “would” go see “Chuck and Larry” again if a group of my friends was going to see it. Well, I WILL see “The Simpsons Movie” again regardless of who’s going to see it.

• BTW, the picture above is from, where you can create your own “Simpsons” avatar and place it into Springfield. The guy in the black Springfield Isotopes shirt is me. Not a bad job, I’d say, based on the limited templates there.

• I did mention that I am currently on vacation. In fact, aside from a Sunday trip to New York, I don’t return to work until August 14th. So I’ll try to have plenty of updates between now and then.