Fave 5 - Jessica Biel Movies

Jessica Biel week continues here at AdamReisinger.com with my Fave 5 Jessica Biel movies. Now, I’ve yet to see “The Illusionist” or “Next” and “I Know Pronounce You Chuck and Larry” isn’t out yet, so this is only based on movies I’ve seen.

5. “Stealth”
This is basically a cheesy action movie, but I like those once in a while. Biel isn’t great in it, but she does look good, at least when she’s in her nice tight flight suit. Putting her inside a plane and only showing close-up shots of her with a mask on does nothing for me.

4. “Summer Catch”
Honestly, this movie is horrible. I hate sports movies that have little-to-nothing to do with actual sports, with stars that look like they’ve never picked up a glove in their life. Freddy Prinze Jr. (one of my least favorite actors of all-time) and Matthew Lillard both fit that description. But this movie is worth seeing, solely for this scene.

3. “Cellular”
Biel has a smaller part in this one than she does in “Summer Catch”, but I rank it higher because this is a more watchable movie. Sure, the premise is ridiculous, but at least it’s fun. She looks good in it (as always) and there’s actually some solid acting to be found in the forms of William H. Macy and Jason Statham. But if you don’t watch to watch the whole thing, then just fast forward to Biel’s few parts. I won’t hate on you for that.

2. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”
I’m actually one of the few people who liked this 2003 version better than the original. Yes, the original is a classic, but it doesn’t hold up well over time. It comes off as cheesy in parts, where this one is more about straight terror (though R. Lee Ermy does provide some comedy). Biel is at her finest here (in every sense of the word). She carries the movie dramatically, and looks hot while doing so.

1. “Blade: Trinity”
Again, I’m in the minority here, but I find this to be the most rewatchable of the 3 “Blade” movies. No, it’s not the best, but it’s the one you can pop in and have fun watching. Biel looks incredible here and has a nice role to work with. Plus, loading an iPod with music from iTunes has never looked so damn sexy. Honestly, I’d really love to see a follow-up movie to this, with Biel and Ryan Reynolds reprising their roles. And if Biel wanted to keep wearing skin tight outfits to fight in, I’d be fine with that too.