Fave 5 - Entrance Songs

Entrance music is a huge part of sports, but it’s not something we usually think about. Boxers have it, batters have it, relief pitchers have it, and entire teams have it. Now I need to have it. Apparently for Pooz’s wedding, I need to pick entrance music for the reception. So, with that in mind, I pick my Fave 5 entrance songs.

A relative newcomer to the scene, this song is already being used by batters around the majors. Unlike most entrance songs, the lyrics are actually on message (it’s about someone giving his all to succeed). Plus, the opening bars convey the proper gravitas to establish that you are, in no way, to be fucked with.

This is a great song all around, but mostly because it’s built on a sample from Bill Conti’s “Going the Distance” off the original Rocky soundtrack. It’s got Biggie, it’s got Busta Rhymes, it’s got a solid chorus, and it was even used for entrance music for “Fight Night 2004”. It’s perfect for boxing, but can be used in pretty much any situation.

The opening notes of this song are great for entrance when you drop the Nas vocals. It’s like a setup -- you let your enemies know something big is coming, but don’t let them know what. Then you kick in the vocals at the opening chorus. Now you’ve established yourself as the biggest fucking deal around -- no ifs ands or buts (and yes, both “Takeover” and “Super Ugly” were better responses as dis songs from Jay-Z, but neither have the appropriate sound for a good entrance song).

Who doesn’t want to walk in to Darth Vadar’s theme music. Anytime you hear this music, you know exactly what you’re in for. I don’t understand why more relief pitchers wouldn’t use this. Sure, technically Vadar is evil, but isn’t that the message you want to send to opposing batters? They need to understand that if you’re coming into the game (or into the ring, for that matter) that they’re in for the biggest challenge in the universe, and there’s no way they’re going to win.

I have to admit a little bias here. The Cavaliers used this music to introduce their starters at the NBA Finals (in a bit of irony, they used the Imperial March to introduce the Spurs; probably a bad idea). But check out their intro from Game 3 and tell me that doesn’t get you pumped. I still get chills hearing it. Too bad the Cavs lost. But if it’s good enough for Nike’s all-star team to enter with, it’s good enough for me.