Bizzle bash

So Sunday, after getting fitted for our tuxes down in Orange, I went back to Pooz’s place, hung out with Pooz, Sarah, Geoff and Bill, played some Wii, and then we all went to Bizzle’s 4th annual birthday bash (with Black Ops football game).

Now, I haven’t been to this party since the first year, when we started the tradition of out-of-shape Apple employees playing touch football. To be fair, some of the guys are in shape -- the geniuses are not. We are, for the most part, not an athletic group. Now, Pooz can run a little, and I throw a decent ball to an open receiver, but that’s not enough to win a football game.

Sunday’s game started off well enough. After we gave up a touchdown, we drove right down and got one back, when I tossed a nice ball in the corner to Pooz, who made an incredible diving catch. We unfortunately didn’t get that on video, but we did get this: I threw a flat-footed pick (to be fair, it was deflected a few times in the end zone). Ed ended up with the ball and started running in the other direction. Wayne got in his way. Destruction ensued.

I highly recommend you check out that link. I put the video on YouTube, including a slow motion replay. And the audio on the slow-mo is not computer altered at all. It really just sounded like that when slowed down. It’s awesome.

Also, this was the second time Wayne ended up laid out due to Ed. The first was when he ran a nice little route up the middle, I hit him with the pass, and Ed hit Wayne (mostly due to the third law of motion).

For the day, I ended with 2 TD passes and 3 interceptions, then 4 hot dogs eaten (which is, I’m sure, what all NFL quarterbacks eat in the locker room immediately after the game).

Seriously, enjoy the video. I’m going to post a couple more from the day, which are considerably less entertaining.

Also, I’m going to LA this week, so updates might be sparse. I’ll be sure to post “This Week in Buffy History” tonight after work, and I’ll try to get a new DGOW up on Tuesday before I head out for my flight, but I probably won’t have a Fave 5 this week (which is good, since I’ve got no clue what to do).