Back from LA

Well, my trip to LA went pretty well, save for a few hiccups. Of course, it was also the trip where technology revolted against me.

The tech revolt started on Tuesday, when I was flying out there. My flight from Hartford to D.C. was fine, but my flight from D.C. to LA was cancelled. That was bad enough, but while I was waiting to get rebooked, my Treo was constantly resetting on me. It reset in the middle of doing stuff no fewer than 15 times during the course of the day. I still managed to get a prodigious amount of texting done (both Lisa and PooZ can confirm this).

When I arrived in LA (after a much longer stay in Washington, D.C. than I should have had) I took a cab from LAX to Sofitel -- easily the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. But, of course, I had to pay for wireless access, and even then, I couldn’t get FTP access. Stupid T-Mobile wi-fi.

Then, Wednesday, after the ESPYs, that’s when everything went horribly wrong. I was loading some new music on my iPod (I bought a couple of CDs while I was out there) when it gave me a read/write error. So I restarted, hoping everything would work better then. Well, the restart was taking a while, so I went down the street to pick up some food. When I got back, my computer had KP’d. Then it booted to flashing question mark. It was all bad.

Well, I figured at least when I flew back to Hartford on Thursday, if I wouldn’t have my computer to watch movies, I’d have my iPod. Whoops. I turned on my iPod when I got on the plane, and it said it was almost full, but had 0 songs, 0 videos and 0 photos. Crap. It needed a restore. So I had to endure the flight back with no computer and no iPod. Thankfully I had my DS Lite with me, otherwise I might have gone crazy. Making things even more frustrating was the fact that on the flight out to LA, the in-flight movie was “Blades of Glory”, which I hadn’t seen, and watched completely, even though I had plenty of my own entertainment. On the flight back -- the one with a dead hard drive and iPod -- the in-flight movie was “In the Land of Women”, which I had ZERO desire to watch. So I played more “Tiger Woods Golf” and “New Super Mario Bros.” then I ever planned on.

OK, but enough about my dying technology (all of which has now been revived, by the way, though I’m still in the process of re-setting up my MacBook with a new hard drive). The actual time in LA was fantastic. I didn’t have too much time to do all the touristy stuff, so I’d really like to go back at some point (if only to do the “Angel” location shoot tour). I did visit a pair of Apple stores -- Beverly Center and The Grove -- and called PooZ from an iPhone in each of them. I’m going to try to call him from iPhones in SoHo and 5th Avenue when I’m in New York next week.

The ESPYs were awesome. First off, my favorite current athlete was co-hosting, and had a good time poking fun at himself (though there were no Eric Snow jokes, which disappointed me). Plus, Kelly Clarkson co-presented an award. Being in the same room with both LeBron James and Kelly Clarkson -- well, let’s just say things could have ended with me in jail on some kind of stalking charge, but I managed to keep my composure and get back home.

The picture above is from outside the ESPYs before the show. Walking in was a very surreal experience, especially for those few feet right before the entrance where the ticketed guests were side-by-side with the celebrities. At various points, I was right next to Dwyane Wade, Brady Quinn and The Rock (the guy in the sunglasses, getting his picture taken with some random woman). It was really just a pretty cool day (actually, it was very hot, and I got badly sunburned, but that’s besides the point).

Ok, I’m all blogged out for now. I promise that some time in the next few days I’ll have my long-awaited review of Kelly Clarkson’s “My December”, which is really growing on me. Also, I promise to have a Fave 5 next week -- though I’ve still got no clue what to write about. Suggestions will be taken under consideration. Leave them in the comments. Leave anything in the comments. Seriously. I don’t care. Just comment, for the love of the Goddess.