We are all witnesses

Holy fucking crap.

I’ve been telling Lisa all postseason to “enjoy Cleveland” for the NBA Finals, but I never really expected that this could happen. Even when I posted my prediction of a Cavs-Spurs finals, I was mostly just hopeful. Realistically, I figured an appearance in the Eastern Conference Finals would be a nice step forward, and then we’d lose to the Pistons.

But I guess you can get through Detroit training in a pool.

Now of course comes the real challenge -- getting me to a Finals game (what, you thought I’d say beating the Spurs? Shit, we did that already). The way I see it, based on my schedule, I could go to Game 5 in Cleveland. I’ll have to work some connections to get a ticket to the game, but that should be the easy part (I hope). The way I see it, I could fly out to Cleveland Sunday morning (Game 5 is scheduled for June 17th), go to the Indians-Braves game at 1:05, go eat dinner after the baseball game, then head over to the basketball game at 7:00 for the 9:00 tip. Then I’d have to kill about 7 hours before my Monday morning flight back home. Or, I could fly out Saturday, get a hotel, which would help me get a nap in Sunday morning before my flight.

Of course, this would all be for naught if the Cavs got swept, which would make me very angry (and leave me out about $400).

For now though, I think positive thoughts about the awesomeness of the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James. We are all, indeed, witnesses.