Trip getting better

Maybe I spoke (or wrote) too soon with my last post. My trip so far hasn’t been too bad. I am now check into my hotel in Cleveland, and it’s pretty nice. In addition, the seat next to me was empty on both legs of my flight, so I was nice and comfortable while watching “I, Robot.”

Getting from the airport to the hotel wasn’t difficult either. A 20-minute train ride and a 10-block walk and I was there. Only cost me $3.50 too, as compared to $25 for a cab ride.

Also worth noting that my hotel has free wireless internet access and TV with ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNews and ESPN Classic, so I’ll be able to stay caught up throughout the weekend.

Still no word on Indians tickets for this weekend from Mr. Beaman, but plenty are still available for purchase, so I’ll do that if I have to.

If anyone has any other suggestions on what to do while I’m in Cleveland, feel free to pass them along, since my days are pretty much free after the baseball games.