Trip already going poorly

Well, my trip to Cleveland is off to a smashing start (that was sarcasm, which doesn’t come across well on a blog).

First off, I decided to pull an all-nighter, rather than get a decent amount of sleep, which was probably just really stupid on my part. I’m not that tired now, but I don’t actually arrive in Cleveland for another 5 hours, so well see how I’m doing then (my hotel has promised me early check-in, so hopefully I can get some sleep before the 3:55 Indians-Braves game).

Oh, speaking of that Indians-Braves game, I don’t yet actually have tickets for it. Beaman is trying to come through via a connection he made when he was working in the minors, but so far no luck. I have faith though.

What I don’t have is my iPod. Being the tired moron that I am, I left it in my car when I arrived at the airport. Honestly, I considered asking the shuttle bus driver to take me back to the lot so I could grab it, but since I did bring a couple movies and my MacBook along with me, I should be good. My flights are only about one-hour stints each, with briefs stopovers in Philadelphia each way.

There’s a bit of irony in me having a stopover in Philadelphia, since the only reason I have this weekend off is I was originally planning on attending Wizard World Philadelphia. Of course, that plan went out the window when the Cavs made the Finals.

Now my plans have changed again, since the Cavs had to go and get swept. At least I’ll get a refund on my ticket purchase through StubHub (though I’m still waiting on that, even though I received a cancellation notice Friday).

And speaking of the sweep, so far I’ve had two related voicemail greetings. The first one went something like this:
“Hi this is Adam. I can’t get to my phone right now. I’ll be in Cleveland this weekend, though thanks to the ineptitude of Mike Brown and Eric Snow, I won’t be attending Game 5. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you.”
The current one goes like this:
“Hi this is Adam. I’m heading to Cleveland for the weekend. Thanks to the $13-million-dollar man, Larry Hughes (who scored 2 more points in the Finals than I did), I won’t be going to an NBA Finals Game. I’m still hoping to see the Indians, so leave me a message, and I’ll get back to you.”
They’re pretty much going to be like that all weekend, so keep calling and enjoy them. Next up as a target for my wrath: Anderson Varejao (who’ll probably get his due during my stopover in Philadelphia).