Milk was a bad choice...

Actually, to be accurate, pants were a bad choice. Today was so damn hot, even early in the morning when I had to walk from my hotel to the train station. Later today when I was walking outside in my crazy thick jeans, all I could think was “Milk was a bad choice” (and if you don’t know the reference, I don’t think we can be friends anymore). Seriously, I felt like I was walking through jello or something just walking outside, it was so damn humid.

OK, but enough about my hatred for summer weather in the Northeast. I was in New York all day Tuesday, without access to my iWeb domain file (which still has to be republished in its entirety when I want to make a change) so everything gets pushed back a day this week. DGOW is updated today, and now includes an archive. I’m still trying to track down my old Adam Reisinger Year 25 pages, so I can add the old DGOW archives to the page. For now, it’s just what I’ve done on shiny new iWeb blog.

Fave 5 may come tomorrow, but honestly, I have no idea what I’m going to write about. Given that the NBA Draft is tomorrow, maybe I’ll do my Fave 5 NBA Draft busts. That might be fun.

Oh, and speaking of the NBA, there are all kinds of crazy rumors going on about trades. I have no idea if any of them are true, but if at least one of these blockbusters comes through, that would just be fantastic.

Also speaking of great news, the new Kelly Clarkson came out Tuesday. Amazingly, iTunes actually automatically downloaded it for me (I had pre-ordered it). I’ve already listened to it twice through. I’ll have a full review sometime in the next week or so (I hope).