Going to Cleveland

Well, I’ve bought my plane ticket and booked my hotel room, so I’m going to Cleveland the weekend of Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Is it risky booking my trip without having secured a game ticket? Yes. Is it risky booking my trip without knowing if a Game 5 will even be necessary. Also yes. But the Indians are at home that weekend, so worst case, I fly out to Cleveland, see a couple baseball games and then fly back. I’ve never been to Jacobs Field, so it’ll be worth my weekend anyway.

But I’m not going to think those negative thoughts. There will be a Game 5, and I will be in attendance. And if the Cavaliers should happen to win 3 of the first four games played in the series, then happen to win Game 5 with me in attendance, well, all the better then.

For now, I’m just chillin’ and waiting for the Finals to start. I saw “Knocked Up” today with a bunch of guys from work. Very funny movie. I highly recommend it. I normally don’t pay to see comedies in the theater, since they’re not the kind of movies you have to see on the big screen, but this one was totally worth my time and money (and the drive out to Plainville).

Some sad news to report: over the weekend, my cat Sunny suffered a stroke and had to be put down. Obviously, she wasn’t just “my” cat, since she lived at my old home and belonged to the entire family, but I felt like she was mine. She always liked to sleep in my room (the basement) and every time I came over to visit my parents, I could tell she was happy to see me. It’s weird going over there and not seeing her there, but that’s just the reality of it. Now there are no cats in the house, which is just kind of sad. Maybe when I’m more settled in my situation, I’ll get a cat of my own, but she’ll never be the same to me as Sunny was.