Fuck yeah!

I’m not really sure what I can add to what the blogosphere has already written about last night’s game but let me just say this: at work, late in the fourth quarter, someone asked the question “when was the last time someone other than LeBron scored?” Well, once we found that out, we figured some other Cavs player would have to score eventually. We were very, very wrong.

I’ve never believed that a player can single-handedly win a game, but last night’s game was as close to such a performance as could be expected.

All postseason I’ve been telling Lisa to “Enjoy Cleveland” for the Finals, thinking there was no way in hell it could actually happen. Now the Cavs are one game from the Finals, and I’m trying hard as hell to temper my enthusiasm, but it just can’t be done. I’ve been watching LeBron’s career closely since his sophomore year of high school, and he’s finally living up to his NBA promise.

Make no mistake, for a large portion of the game, game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals wasn’t an instant classic. But LeBron changed all that halfway through the fourth quarter. This is one of those games you’ll be seeing on ESPN Classic years from now, and if you’re a Cavs fan and you tune in just as the fourth quarter is starting, you’ll keep watching and just smile.