Friday Night Quick Hits

• Pictured above is my Emma Frost Comiquette from Sideshow. I actually got her a few weeks ago, and she’s been on my dresser, flanking my SoundDock with my Emma Frost statue. I finally got around to taking lots of pictures of her, so feel free to check it out. The sculpting quality on this piece is very impressive.

• On that note, I also took reference pictures of most of my non-Buffy collectibles (lest you think I only collect Buffy stuff). I haven’t gotten around to doing any of my sports stuff yet (autographed balls and hats, action figures, etc.) but that will come eventually. For now, feel free to check out my entertainment stuff.

• The NBA Draft is coming up next week, and my Cavaliers have exactly ZERO picks. Of course, that didn’t stop me from doing my own mock draft. Now, I did this a couple weeks back, so it might not reflect the most up-to-date news, but I really just don’t feel like doing another one. I’m not a draft expert, nor am I a college basketball expert, so a lot of this is blind guessing (that said, I’m 99% certain that Greg Oden is going 1st overall). But it’s still fun.

• If you hadn’t noticed, I added a link to my YouTube videos on the main page of the site. Now, these are just the videos I’ve created, not videos I’ve come across. Interesting to note, my Buffy-Angel video has been viewed more than 6,000 times, while my Buffy-Spike video has only been viewed about 350 times. I think the Buffy-Spike video is actually better, but my guess is because of the title, the Buffy-Angel video comes up in more searches. Once I get some time, I’ll probably add my videos from NYCC’s Slayer Tales to YouTube, since they’ll probably get more views that way than just sitting on my site.

• I really want an iPhone. There, I said it. I’m stuck in my Verizon contract until April ’08, and I don’t have $600 to spare on a phone right now, but damn, I want that iPhone. It’s just too damn sexy.

• The great “24” watching project of 2007 continues. I’m already through the first two seasons, and I’ve watched the first few episodes of Season 3. I’m really enjoying the show so far, and at this pace, I’ll easily be caught up by the time Season 7 starts up next January. That said, I’ll have some gaps in my TV schedule in the fall, with no “Lost” (not returning until 2008) and no “Veronica Mars” (cancelled). Any suggestions on what to watch (aside from “Gray’s Anatomy” which has been recommended to me multiple times, and I’m just not buying it) will be taken into consideration.