Falling behind again

Remember way back to that first week of June, when it seemed like I was posting every day. Yeah, that seems like forever ago.

Well, last week I finally missed a Fave 5. Not a huge deal, since I didn’t really have a topic to write about. I will try to do one tomorrow, on my Fave 5 vacation destinations I’ve yet to visit (with one about to get crossed off the list).

I’m in the middle of a stretch working 9 straight days, so there’s not really much going on in my life. I did finally take the plunge and buy my ticket for Game 5 of the Finals, so now I just need the Cavaliers to come through and win a game so there actually IS a Game 5.

Also, in what little spare time I’ve had, I’ve been playing more “Fight Night” for my 360. My main career that I started when I got the game is almost over. My character is now 40 years old, and my ratings drop by about 5-10% between every fight (which is actually a pretty cool feature of the game. In most games, once you get your character ratings high, they stay high until you stop playing. It makes sense to have your boxer get worse as he gets older). I’ve probably got one good fight left in me before I have to retire. Then it’ll be time to create a new boxer and start all over.

Oh, and for those that are wondering, still no fix to my iWeb issues. I think the size of the blog has gotten a little beyond what iWeb can really handle, which isn’t surprising considering I went back 4 years and added all my old stuff.

Speaking of that old stuff, I was reading through my old blog entries and found this one, my running diary of the 2005 NFL Draft. There’s a lot of stuff that turned out wrong, but this prediction was dead-on:
1:38 - Titans take Pac-Man Jones, who couldn't possibly look more ghetto. It's like they just drafted Lil' Jon. He's wearing some T-shirt with picture of someone on the front (it may actually be him, for all I know) and a bling'd out Pac Man chain. And now he's going to Tennessee. This is going to end poorly for everyone.