Cleveland rocks...

... but seems to close at about 7 p.m.

Man, it was hard to find a place to get food tonight. Not a place to eat -- there are plenty of restaurants open -- but I just wanted to grab some food and get back to my hotel room. Apparently, Cleveland doesn’t let you do that (at least not in the theater district, which I guess shouldn’t be too surprising).

Today went well, save for that angry moment at about 8:15 or so when I realized I should be getting ready for Game 5. I’m not even sure who to blame at this point, but I’m still not blaming LeBron. In fact, I picked up a whole lot of LeBron merchandise at the Tower City Center, including my “Witness” T-shirt (though I’m still not officially a witness).

Despite my lack of witnessing a Cavaliers game, I did get to witness this:

Cleveland dealt with a controversy over this sign, which the U.S. Highway administration declared a billboard that violates the Highway Beautification Act. I say there’s nothing MORE beautiful than this.

I also witnessed both the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and another Indians-Braves game (which included Chipper Jones’s 2000th career hit and an Indians win). The HOF was pretty cool, but apparently they don’t let you take pictures inside, which kind of sucks, considering all the cool stuff they have in there. I still had a good time, even though most of the music featured isn’t exactly my favorite (I’m a rap and pop kind of guy). I did take pictures outside, including the one at the top of this post.

Well, that’s it for me from Cleveland. I have a 7:35 a.m. flight back to Connecticut Monday (again, via Philadelphia) then I’ll have a few hours to sleep before I have to be back at work. Good times.