Cleveland isn’t so bad

That above is the view from my seats at this afternoon’s Indians-Braves game (won by the Braves, 6-2). Not bad. The better part? Beaman and his friend Paul came through and I got in for free. I’m also getting in for free at tomorrow’s game (1:05 p.m. start), so the weekend hasn’t been a total wash.

Actually, in the time I’ve been here, I’ve found Cleveland to be a pretty nice city. It’s like a G-rated New York. There isn’t quite as much excitement, which can be both a good and a bad thing. But hey, I’ve been walking pretty much everywhere and people are nice here and the city just comes across very well.

Also, at the Indians game, they played a tribute to the Cavaliers, congratulating them on the best season in franchise history. This actually got the largest ovation from the crowd the entire game. This city loves their Cavs, even if they did get swept.

For tomorrow, the plan is to hit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in the morning (it opens at 10:00), then go to the baseball game, then try and get some sleep before my 7:35 flight back to Connecticut (with another stop in Philly). I could use the sleep. I’ve only gotten 8 hours since waking up at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday. That’s a span of 57 hours, during which I’ve been awake for 49. Fun!