Sometimes you don’t really realize how messy your place is until you start cleaning it. A few out-of-place things here, a little dust there, some unwashed plates over there and suddenly your normally-clean condo is a freakin’ sty. Well, no more. I’m in the process of cleaning up, and hopefully by 10 p.m. today, everything will be spotless again (only for me to start making a mess tomorrow morning).

The reason I started cleaning was I wanted to clear out a space to take some pictures of some new Buffy stuff that was supposed to arrive today, but neither piece did. My Ubervamp statue from T&ST was backordered, so all I got in my package from them was my 3 free figures (all of which I already had, so they just add to my duplicates). And then the UPS guy decided to be a moron and not stop when I was waving him down in the parking lot, so that package didn’t get delivered because “it didn’t have an apartment number.” If that address label has an apartment number on it when it arrives tomorrow, I’m going to call UPS and give them a piece of my mind, because honestly, they suck.