Back in the CT - And with more Shiny!

“The CT.” Not quite as catchy as “The OC”, but I’ll take what I can get.

My trip back from Cleveland wasn’t bad, but I did end up stuck in Philadelphia for a lot longer than my stopover was scheduled for, due to who knows what. The airline gave 3 different reasons while we were delayed, and none of them really made any sense. Oh well.

If you regularly check out the various sections of my site, you may notice some increased eye candy on the site. I didn’t do too much to it, but I wanted to spruce it up a little, so the main menu page looks a little crisper, and I’ve added some spice to the blog page as well. (And if you don’t get the reference to the picture of the cast of “Serenity”, then everything isn’t shiny, gorramit).

Also, you’ll notice a blog roll now. Some of my colleagues have started their own blogs, so I’m spreading the love.

That said, Nick had a blog post yesterday about his all-time fictional baseball lineup. Mostly good stuff, though I have to strongly disagree with the inclusion of Isuro Tanaka in the lineup. Now I think he should be on the team, but solely in a pinch-running/late-inning defensive replacement role. There’s no reason to put this guy in the starting 9 every day. He can’t hit. There are at least 3 better choices for an everyday leftfielder: Charlie Snow (Richard Pryor in “The Bingo Long Traveling All Stars & Motor Kings”), Kelly Leak (Jackie Earle Haley in “The Bad News Bears”) and Juan Primo (Benicio Del Toro in “The Fan”). I’d go with Primo, only because he’s got versatility (played multiple outfield positions in the movie) and while “The Fan” sucked, it, unlike some of the other movies, tried to portray realistic baseball players. Of course, the fact that Primo dies in the movie probably hurts his chances.

I know I skipped the Fave 5 last week, but I promise I’ll do it this week -- same topic, Fave 5 vacation destinations I’ve yet to visit. And don’t complain about missing the post last week. Including this post, I’ve already posted 13 times in June. By comparison, I posted exactly once in June of ’06.