Wednesday Afternoon Quick Hits

• With the ‘06-07 TV Season over, I’ve moved on to some summer TV catching up. Specifically, I’m watching “24”. I’d started watching this season, but by all accounts, it wasn’t a great season. So now I’m rewatching the series from the beginning. I finished Season 1 over the weekend, and I’m now onto Season 2 (I did see a few S2 episodes back when they originally aired).

• Speaking of summer projects, I’m trying to go through my iTunes library and listen to all my music. I’ve got almost 3,300 songs that I’ve never listened to or rated. I’ve got another 600 songs or so that I’ve listened to, but never rated. So my plan is to go through all of them and give them a rating. On my commute, I can knock out about 24 a day, which means it’ll take about a year to do them all. I’ll keep you posted on the status, plus give you updates if I find any hidden gems in my iTunes library.

• I still don’t think the Cavs can win their series with the Pistons, but it is just a 3-game series now, and they’ve at least shown me signs of life. If they make it to the Finals, somehow, work sure will be fun during those games.

• iWeb still isn’t working for me. The .Mac support team is helping me out, but it still crashes every time I try to publish an update to my blog. I can still publish if I republish the entire site, so I’ll keep updating for as long as I can.