Thursday Afternoon Quick Hits

• Sorry about the 2 week disappearance again, but I went back to working a much crazier schedule and was considerably more tired than I’d been. Even on my two days off last week, I barely did anything. I basically just sat around playing video games and watching movies and relaxing.

• Warriors-Mavs Game 6 is tonight. I’m not sure I’ll watch it live, given the late night, but I’ll definitely record it on my DVR to save for prosperity. This could be the biggest upset in major sports history, much less NBA history.

• The latest issue of the Buffy Season 8 comic came out and I’m so happy about the way this arc is going. It’s everything I could have expected from an actual Season 8 of Buffy.

• Tomorrow’s the big day. Spider-Man 3. I plan on seeing it multiple times. It’s gonna be awesome. Go get ‘em, Tiger!