Monday Morning Quick Hits

Just an FYI, these “quick hits” will probably be longer than usual, since I’ve got a lot to cover here.

• Despite what some people may tell you, “Spider-Man 3” was awesome. Yes, it wasn’t as good as the first two movies, and yes, it could have been 20 minutes shorter, but it was still awesome. I’ve seen it 3 times already, plus put in 12 hours on the video game, so obviously I love it. The three villain thing was handled well, with them showing up at different times, and not teaming up until the very end (and even then, all three of them don’t team up against Spider-Man, since that would be a nearly unbeatable scenario).

I really liked the Jazz club scene with Peter and Gwen (who looked better in the movie than I expected she would) since it was the kind of place that they would have gone in the comics -- because those were taking place in the late 60s. However, Peter’s actions toward Mary Jane in that scene, culminating with hitting her, were cold. As you all know, I’m a bigger fan of Mary Jane than of Spider-Man himself, so I wasn’t cool with what Peter was doing there.

Along those same lines, the kiss between Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy was just cold. That was completely wrong. I don’t care if Pooz says this makes me sound like a woman, but I have to completely side with MJ here: that was THEIR kiss. It was a unique moment that completely linked the Peter-MJ relationship and Peter just ignored that. And no, don’t give me that MJ duplicated the kiss with John Jameson in “Spider-Man 2” so that’s the same. It wasn’t. MJ was trying to see if she could have the same chemistry with someone else, and she knew at that moment that she couldn’t. What Peter did there was just cold.

All that said, I can’t wait for “Spider-Man 4”.

• The same night “Spider-Man 3” came out, the Warriors defeated the Mavericks in the biggest upset in NBA playoff history. I DVR’d the game and watched it without knowing the result, even though the game was already complete. When Baron Davis went down with his hamstring injury, I was tempted to stop and just check the score, figuring the Warriors would have lost. I’m glad I didn’t. Seeing Baron come back out from the locker room -- not quite Willis Reed style, but still pretty gutty -- and then hit that miracle three-pointer in the first half, was awesome.

Now the question for the Warriors is, can they win another series? The ’99 Knicks did it as an 8 seed, reaching the Finals, but that was the lockout shortened year and things were so off that year anyway. But for the Warriors, this may have well have been a shortened season. They didn’t really have their current roster together and gelled until March, so they’re really in only their third month together. Their full season record doesn’t reflect how good their team is now.

• I mentioned the “Spider-Man 3” game above, and it is indeed awesome. I finally reached a level that is just kicking my ass right now (the Kraven fight) but so far I’m happy with the game. Plus, I have yet to use a guide or an online FAQ, so the fact that I’ve gotten up to 48% game completion is pretty impressive. I’m hoping I can beat the entire game (or at least the main story mode) without looking up any info.

But there’s another game that’s taking up some of my time. I finally broke down and bought NBA Live 07 for my 360. The reason I held off so long is that the player movement was a little slow, even while using speed boost, but I had to have a basketball game. With the playoffs going on, I was in a basketball mindset. I’ve already started my season with the Cavs (and buried Eric Snow in my rotation, so he only plays about 2 minutes per game) and so far I’m undefeated through 8 games.

That said, the slam dunk contest mode, which I was excited about playing, is garbage. The game makes it so hard to execute any high score dunks, and most of your decent dunks are scored anywhere from 29-35. The gamebreaker dunking in the NBA Street games is the model EA should have used for NBA Live, but they didn’t.

• There’s a new Kelly Clarkson song out (if you haven’t been paying attention to my blog, Kelly is my new Britney, since Britney went all crazy). “Never Again” is the first single off her next album, and it’s not bad, but I feel like we’ve heard it before. It’s an amalgamation of a few of the songs off “Breakaway”, where I was hoping for a little more of another evolutionary step (like between “Thankful” and “Breakaway”). That said, I’ll still be getting the album when it comes out, and probably going to her concert at Mohegan Sun in August.