iWeb still killing me

So last night to get my last post up, I did indeed have to republish the entire site. I e-mailed the .Mac support team, but haven’t heard anything back yet. Hopefully things will be working shortly (without me having to rebuild my entire site from scratch).

Also, last night, the Cavs lost Game 2, by the same score as Game 1. I think they should be able to win Game 3 at home, but I can’t say I’m anywhere near confident. The Pistons are a better team -- and I think of the Cavs starting 5, only LeBron would start for Detroit.

Also, worth noting that I’ve managed to get a ton of awesome stuff this week. My “Ultimate Matrix Collection” on HD DVD arrived Tuesday. I’ve watched all three movies, which look spectacular in HD, and I think Matrix Revolutions gets a bad rap. It wasn’t the ending we all wanted, but it was still a pretty awesome movie.

Also this week, I got my Emma Frost comiquette from Sideshow, the DST Gwen Stacy statue (which I’d been wanting for almost 2 years now) and Sideshow’s human Spike, one of the rarest Buffy figures.

I’m going over to my parents house later to have dinner with my dad, and then probably going to see Pirates of the Caribbean with PooZ and the gang at 8. Hopefully by then, I’ll have heard back from .Mac, so I won’t have to keep republishing to add blog entries (because if I do, my blogging frequency is going to plummet).