iWeb is killing me

Seriously, the last 3 times I’ve had to publish, I’ve had to do a re-publish of the entire site. At least this last time, I didn’t have to delete everything off my iDisk before publishing.

I popped into my domain file and deleted some preference files, so hopefully that will help. You’ll know soon, because either this will be online, or iWeb will continue to make my life hell, and it won’t go online.

If for some reason, this does work, I don’t want this whole post to be about iWeb not working, because, well, that would be some kind of strange irony I’m not prepared to deal with.

I’m currently watching the Veronica Mars series finale on my DVR, and I have to say, I’m actually relieved the series is ending. The CW messed with the show so much this season that it was nearly unrecognizable to VM fans, and rumor had it that the show was about to be messed with even more if it had been renewed. Now, with it going to the great beyond (a little early, like “Alias”) I can buy seasons 2 and 3 on DVD and re-live the show that way. Though, honestly, if I’m going to re-watch any season, it’ll be Season 1, which was the best season creatively.