Happy Mother's Day!

Obviously, I have to wish a happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there in the world, including my own, pictured here with my niece Lilah, who is considerably older now (she’s 4 1/2 and starts Kindergarten in the fall, how crazy is that?).

I had a nice breakfast with my mom and sister this morning, then went over to their house and spent some time with Lilah and Eli (my nephew/Godson) before coming home.

OK, on to other topics. Remember a few months back when I wrote that TV was good again? I may have jumped the gun. A couple weeks back, for the third time this season, a TV show that looked very compelling, and I’d gotten hooked on, was canceled. The latest was “Drive”, which joins “The Nine” and “Knights of Prosperity” on the sidelines. All three were very good shows, and all three had terrible ratings.

Now, obviously I understand that network television is a business, and if a show isn’t performing up to standards, something has to be done. That “something” shouldn’t be “canceling the show after four episodes” which is exactly what happened with “Drive.” A great concept, with a great cast, “Drive” was promoted nearly non-stop by FOX, then had the plug pulled when it couldn’t pull in an audience greater than 6 million. Of course, “Drive” had two things going against it from the start -- a late season debut, and an incredibly short season. Most shows, unless they’re reality show stunts, won’t survive under those circumstances. FOX should have at least given “Drive” its full run, then brought it back in the fall. If the ratings still sucked, then cancel it.

OK, on to better news. After my nice breakfast today, I came home and played “Spider-Man 3” on my 360 and finished the story mode. The last fight is awesome, since you get to play as both Spider-Man and New Goblin. Plus, it doesn’t cover everything that is in the movie, so there are actually still a couple surprises if you’ve somehow finished the game before seeing the movie.

Then again, based on the numbers, you’ve seen the movie. It’s almost up to $250M at the box office, which is just incredible.

I’m going to try to get back to daily, or near-daily, postings, and to help do so, I’m going to add two weekly features. First will be “This Week in ‘Buffy’ History”; I already have The Ultimate Buffy Calendar, which has the dates for every “Buffy” and “Angel” episode ever, and birthdates for the major stars and most guest stars on the show. So I’ll start spotlighting those events on a weekly basis, every Monday.

I’ll also, every Wednesday or Thursday, do my “Fave 5”. I’m sure you’ve seen the T-Mobile commercials advertising their “Fave 5” feature. Well, each week, I’ll write up something on my “Fave 5” in a given category. This week will of course be “Buffy” related -- my “Fave 5” episodes, not including season premieres or finales.

That’s it for now. See ya tomorrow.