Crazy court vision

Ho hum, another win.

Seriously though, how awesome is this? Right now the Cavs are 6-0 in the playoffs and winning games when they don’t even shoot 45 percent. Everyone on the team is doing absolutely everything the Cavs need, including the man pictured to the left, one King James.

Earlier this year, in this very blog, I criticized LeBron for what I perceived to be a decline in his much-hyped passing ability this season. In watching the Cavs during the regular season, it was evident to me that LeBron wasn’t finding his teammates in open spots like he’d done early in his career. Well, that changed during the playoffs, and his court vision was once again on full display Tuesday night.

It’s not often that a player can make a 36-point, 12-assist performance look easy, but that’s just what James did. With rare exception, whenever he was doubled -- or the Nets even flashed a threat of doubling -- he found someone in perfect position to score. That’s how the entire starting lineup ends up with double figures. As for those times when the double didn’t come? Well, that’s how James ends up with 36 points.

Right now, a Cavs-Pistons rematch looks inevitable. The only question remaining before that series is if both teams will be 8-0 in the playoffs entering the Eastern Conference Finals. I truly doubt it, but then again, I doubted that both the Cavs and Bulls could pull off sweeps in the first round, and yet they did. Now we could be looking at more double-sweep action in the East.

That hasn’t happened since ’99, when the Pacers and Knicks both swept their Eastern Conference Semifinals. However, the Knicks won their 1st round series 3-2 (the Pacers did enter the conference finals a perfect 7-0). Two teams meeting in the conference finals with perfect postseason records has never happened since the playoffs expanded to 16 teams in 1984. I doubt it will this year, but it’d be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?