Birthday weekend...

I celebrated my 27th birthday this morning -- a few days late obviously -- having breakfast with my family. It was a good time. I got to see Lilah and Eli (and everyone else obviously) and I got my present from my sister: Mr. Gordo!

Obviously, Marcy spent a lot of time scouring my site to find something Buffy-related that I didn’t already have (a task that’s admittedly becoming harder) and she succeeded. She even referenced Mr. Feigenbaum (the other plush replica I don’t yet have) saying “now you need to get the bunny.”

Didn’t do much else of note this weekend. I mostly just cleaned and played video games. I popped in some games I hadn’t played in awhile, like “Fight Night Round 3” and “Rockstar Table Tennis” and even played some “Sonic Mega Collection.”

Oh, I also watched the Spurs-Jazz game today. Sure, it sucks not to have the Suns or the Mavs around for the West finals, but these are still two really good teams. Not as good as the supreme Cleveland Cavaliers, of course, but still pretty good (that was a joke of course -- outside of LeBron, the Cavs kind of suck. But at least they’re in the East Finals. Unfortunately, that probably means Mike Brown keeps his job for another year).

That’s all I have for now. I’ve made some additions to the Buffy collection page, so feel free to stop by and check it out. Tomorrow, I’ll post the updated “This Week in Buffy History” and my Fave 5 this Wednesday will probably be about my 5 favorite NBA players of all-time.