Serenity Now

So I’m sitting around after an uneventful day today, and another day off tomorrow, and I’m thinking -- gee, now would be a good time to update my blog.

Yes, I really suck at updating this, but I’m gonna give it a go. Hell, I finally finished script #16 for “Internal Damnation” so if I can do that, I can definitely update my blog more often.

Pictured above are my reaver weapon props from “Serenity”. They’re the newest addition to my Whedon-verse collection, and they’re fantastic. They’re also much sharper than my previous sword replicas. In fact, I believe they could actually hurt someone if I wanted to use them for such (so don’t cross me! -- kidding!)

Also today, I attempted to sell my sister on the name “Batman” for a child. She wasn’t buying it. Oh well, just one more boy’s name for me to save (also on the list: “Superman”, which my sister summarily rejected). For a girl, I like the name “Gwendolyn Stacy” in part because it’s Spider-man’s first girlfriend, but also because it sounds like a normal name that I could sell a future wife on. At least more so than “Buffy Anne”.

Last note, from the world of sports, LeBron is frustrating the hell out of me. He needs to develop a better option in the clutch than “dribble out the clock and fire up an off-balance three”. Otherwise my Cavs playoff beard will be shaved much sooner than later.