Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Quick Hits

• After months of bidding, I finally won a copy of Amazing Spider-Man #300 on eBay, and for less than I had previously been bidding. The copy I won isn’t a near-mint or mint condition copy, but that’s not what concerns me. I’m not a graded-level comic collector. I just like having key issues.

• I made a small mistake in yesterday’s D-Wade entry. The sick dunk I was referring to wasn’t an alley oop, it was just a fast break dunk. The pass was a little behind him but the stretch on the arm was more to avoid the defender, and had nothing to do with catching the pass. Still, it was a sick dunk.

• Dwight Howard had a crazy day today (35 points on 14-of-15 shooting) so we decided he needs a nickname. One of my co-workers came up with “Mr. Incredible”, which fits him well. Have you seen Dwight Howard’s upper body? The guy is huge.

• I’ve got Sunday off and I’m probably going to spend it working on my next “Buffy” video. I’m planning on doing the Buffy-Spike relationship set to Kelly Clarkson’s “Addicted”, but we’ll see how it goes, since I’ve got some other ideas kicking around as well.