Playoffs?! You kidding me? Playoffs?!

That’s right, playoffs! The NBA playoffs officially start Saturday, but they really started tonight. And so far the Cavs are 1-0 in the playoffs.

Cleveland entered tonight needing a win and a Bulls loss to earn the 2 seed in the East, and a much easier road to the conference finals. Well, the win was pretty much a guarantee, with the Cavs hosting the Bucks, but the Bulls loss wouldn’t be as easy.

The Cavs game started at 7, so I saw the beginning of it at work, but had to follow it online at home. Once the Cavs wrapped it up, my full attention was on the Bulls-Nets game on ESPN. I even put on my Jason Kidd Nets jersey -- which I’m wearing in celebration as I write this, since the Nets beat the Bulls, giving the Cavs the 2 seed. Even better, the wounded Wizards held on against the Pacers, giving them the 2 seed.

All this means the Cavs will face Washington in the first round, and the Nets-Raptors winner in the 2nd round. Conference Finals, here we come!