Felix Hernandez, meet Ntozake Nelson

Like I said, something always happens to restore my faith in sports. Maybe it’s a guy dropping 81 in an NBA game. Or a guy running scoring four touchdowns seemingly every week in the NFL. Or a guy tossing a no-hitter -- or coming damn close.

Felix Hernandez -- who just turned 21 on Sunday -- threw a gem Wednesday night, taking a no-hitter into the 8th inning and ending up with a complete-game one-hitter. This happened in Fenway Park, where all the focus before the game was on the much-hyped Daisuke-Ichiro showdown. It’s nice to know that sometimes a great sports story can overshadow “the story”.

I don’t have all my resources at my fingertips here at home, but I believe Felix is the first opponent to come into Fenway and throw a 9-inning one-hitter against the Sox since Mike Mussina’s near-perfect game in 2001.

Last week, Felix became the youngest Opening Day starter since Dwight Gooden. Hopefully, Felix will have the career path that Doc SHOULD have had.

Even if he doesn’t, for one glorious night, Felix Hernandez made me remember why I love sports. And for that, he’s my Ntozake Nelson of the Night.